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Publications, Presentations and Book Chapters

We are extremely proud of our Team of Doctors for participating and contributing their time and efforts in the following publications, presentations and book chapters.
dr thomas barnard, publications and presentations

List of Publications by Thomas A. Barnard, MD

"Metallic Intraocular Object Simulating Foreign Body" case report with Daniel T. Weidenthal, M.D.: American Journal of Ophthalmology, July 1998

"Bilateral Metastatic Menignococcal Endophthalmitis" case report with Arup Das, M.D., University of New Mexico: Archives of Ophthalmology, November 1997

"Endogenous Endophthalmitis" clinical case and literature review presented at Saint Luke’s Medical Center House Staff Science Day with Daniel T. Weidenthal, M.D., 1997

"Comparison of diabetic vs. pseudophakic disc staining", with Peter Pavan, M.D.; University of South Florida, 1992

"The addition of alkanes to 1-methylcyclohexene using Lewis acids"; under the direction of Theodore Beiler, Stetson University, 1987

"The Effects of 2.5% Neosynephrine versus 10% Neosynephrine on Systemic Blood Pressure and Heart Rate." Presentation, Storm Eye Institute Annual Ophthalmology Update, April, 1991